The "Ooh´la`Buff" is a our version of a Buffer / Linedriver. But it is a totally different concept as normal. Born on the idea that"all" Tuners in the signalpath color the tone (as long as they not on true bypass), the "Ooh´la`Buff" has a Tuneroutput called " T " and if nessesary you can mute the main output with the MUTEswitch (Indicated with a blue Led). The main output called "Iso", this is a transformer balanced output, if you like you can run it symmetricly.

It matches perfect for following effects, amps and also very well direct into a mixingconsole or for soundcards. The goal was to catch all tone wich comes from your instrument, eliminate soundloss due to cables and give that rich signal to the components behind.


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It has a input impedance five times higher than a normal amp. Then the signal get buffered, splitted and at least it runs through the transformer which matches the output impedance for the following units. That´s different to normal Buffers and Linedrivers on the market. The "Ooh´la`Buff" is able to work also with the most vintage fuzzboxes. This is normally a problem between buffers and fuzzboxes. To match it in big systems or direct to desk it contains a "Groundlift" and a "Phasereverse" switch to solve all trouble you can get. This tool is highly recommended tool in any system. Because this tool is not able to run on batteries, it contains a "Powerin" jackn standart size (M 2,1), wich is able to take 8 - 15V, doesn´t matter if AC or DC, as long it can deliver at least 100mA. A good choice for that is a Boss PSA Series in stand alone systems or if you using a multi effects setup the Voodoo Lab Multi Power II is recommended to prevent ground loop trouble.