A system can be just a guitar with an amp and a stomp box, or it can be multi-amplifier, multi-effect, midi-controlled set-up. It doesn't matter. A system is a system and it should be built in a way that you (the musician) can do what you want, PLAY MUSIC!

So, we make sure that all things important for the reliability of a musical system are in order.


- Power Supply and distribution

- Streamline set-up of all parts

- Rugged construction for road use

- All necessary cables. Very important!

- Maintenance on parts that are already in use

- Modification of parts that fit into the system

- And a lot more

A musical system is a mutual development by both the musician and us. The musician tells us what he wants, and we make sure he gets what he wants. Musicians oftentimes don't see the possibilities for their system and what the problems are. In the end, the musician will get the tool built for his or her needs – without any problems, hum, or noise and the best possible sound. Please contact us for further information. All systems are custom. Check the "Gallery" page for pictures of the work we have done.